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Best in Show: by R.C. Baker

The Village Voice 
October 27th, 2006

Liselot van der Heijden

This artist from the Netherlands is as outraged by the Bush administration as many Americans. You enter the gallery by pushing aside a glowing scrim on which a snake winding and unwinding inside a white box is projected; a second video features two white mice skittering around an apple. A real-time feed from a tiny surveillance camera creates a third projection, adding the viewer's image to these symbols of sin and corruption. A nearby TV plays a loop of the president's State of the Union speeches, edited so the word evil is proclaimed over and over again and closing with "God is near." Even more frightening than the commander in chief's biblical absolutism is the thunderous applause it evokes.LMAK Projects, 526 W 26th, 212-255-9707. Through Nov 11.