Multiple channel video installation, 2003
In a dark room large video projections show the coming and going of fish swimming against streams of fast flowing water. The videos are continuous loops showing each a different image of fish swimming in and out of the projection frame. There is a strong sense of continuous movement: the fish swim against streams of water that flow by with great speed. It is the continuous flow of the water that links the video frames. The flow suggests a spatial continuity between the frames, but the fish don’t flow from one projection into the next, which gives a destabilizing sense of discontinuity. Watching the projections is disorienting and hypnotic at once. After a while of experiencing the movement one wonders about what moves: the water and the fish or the room and oneself?

The amount of channels or projections depends on the exhibition conditions such as the size of the space, the architectural conditions and the availability of equipment. The minimum amount of channels is five.